The F-Wordは定期的にジェンダーやフェミニズム、個人的な話を共有できるイベントを開催しています。女性・男性・LGBTQなどすべてのセクシュアリティの方、現状の生き方に違和感や生きづらさを感じている方はぜひご参加ください。


The F-Word regularly hosts events on gender and feminist topics, as well as sharing personal stories. We welcome all women, men, LGBTQIA+, anyone who feels uncomfortable with the way that society is, or just wants to hear the perspective of others.

Each event that is held have different themes and are in different languages, so please make sure to check out the listings to see what is being discussed in each particular event. We look forward to sharing our stories with you, and we hope that you will share some stories of your own!



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[Ground Rules]

(1) For the sake of maintaining a place where everyone can feel safe sharing their stories, we ask that you please stories you hear at events to yourself, and to not talk about them on social media or other places outside the events.

(2) If there are things you would rather not talk about, that’s okay! Everyone has boundaries and we ask you to respect the boundaries of others as well as them to respect yours.

(3) Please don’t say anything negative about the other people; be respectful of each other.

(4) Please don’t make assumptions about the other people (whether that be based on their age, nationality, gender, etc.)



Please check out our upcoming events below! ↓