【NPO法人The F-Word正会員】

NPO法人The F-WordはNPO正会員を募集中です。あなたも是非会員になってThe F-Wordのメンバーとして運営に参加したり、会員同士のつながりを深めてみませんか?


  • NPO会員限定のイベントや無料イベントに参加できます。
  • 法人の運営に参加・発言できます。年に一度の総会で議決権を行使できます。
  • 会員専用のLINEに追加され、The F-Wordの活動内容を配信します
  • フェミニスト・マッチングのSLACKに参加でき、オンラインで自分のロールモデルやメンターに出会えます






[The F-Word Membership]

The F-Word is currently in the process of applying for a non-profit organization. We invite you to become a member and support The F-Word!

●●●●The following benefits are available to you if you become an active member ●●●●

  • You can participate in and have a say in the management of the corporation. You can exercise your voting rights at the annual meeting.
  • You will be added to the members-only line to receive updates on The F-Word’s activities.
  • You can join the SLACK of feminist matching and meet your role models and mentors online!

●●●● Type of membership●●●●

Regular member: Annual membership fee of 3,000 yen

Please pay the annual membership fee at the following URL.