NPO法人The F-Wordの代表理事。同志社大学大学院にてアメリカ研究の修士を取得。在学中にアメリカの名門女子大であるSmith Collegeに奨学金を得てディプロマを取得。帰国後、アビームコンサルティング株式会社でITコンサルタントとして大企業をクライアントに複数プロジェクトに参加。日本社会におけるジェンダー規範に疑問を感じる。

コンサルタントとして3年半働いた後、アメリカのTemple Universityで博士課程プログラムに入学。5年間Gender Studiesを学ぶ。帰国後アカデミアと実社会をつなぐ活動を立ち上げたいと感じ、英語指導法を学ぶためにRIZAP ENGLISHに入社。2年間でトレーナー、チーフ、マネージャー、コース開発部を経て英語学習のノウハウを習得。生きづらさを感じる女性を支援するためのNPO法人The F-Wordを設立。

Kanako obtained her master’s degree in American Studies from Doshisha University. While in school, she received a scholarship to Smith College, a prestigious women’s college in the U.S., for a diploma. After returning to Japan, she worked as an IT consultant at Abeam Consulting, Inc. While participating in several projects at that company, she began to question gender norms in Japanese society more seriously.

After working as a consultant for three and a half years, she went to Temple University in the United States as a Ph.D. student. There, she entered the Gender Studies program and studied for five years. After returning to Japan, she decided that she wanted to try to connect academia and the real world, so she decided to study English teaching methods. She has been working at RIZAP English for two years, and in that time she became a trainer, chief, manager, and course developer. Through this experience, she has acquired English learning skills and know-how. She is currently a head of an NPO, a women’s support group.