Upcoming Event: True Self and False Self During the Quarantine

We are proud to announce our first official event.

Writer: Kyoko Kubono

Please check out the event’s reservation page for more info: https://peatix.com/event/1578086/view


How have you been coping with the quarantine? Didn’t you tell your friends something that is actually opposite to your true feelings or thoughts? Did you identify those causes?


It is natural that people are having issues with adapting this new lifestyle due to the pandemic. One way to cool down yourself is to examine what aspect of this situation particularly bothers/frustrates you by sharing your true self and false self. When you realise the things that you’re not comfortable with, you can find some ways to avoid them and take care of yourself more easily. That said, this event does not give any lecture on the virus but provides an opportunity to rethink what you have been going through and learn others’ struggles to get a bigger picture of the pandemic.


Certainly, you might not want to share everything about you with other participants. And, it is totally okay! Just think about things that you told your friends or posted on social media although you actually had different feelings, and pick up some stories that you can share with us.


Moreover, World Cafe means that people share what they have learnt or noticed from particular activities with others and don’t make any conclusions from the dialogue. So, it can incentivise people to raise issues and concerns in public, which is an essential skill to achieve our demands for society. So, this event intends to make people feel that it is okay to speak up and be different from the mainstream.


I plan to have this kind of honne and tatemae event regularly so that it can be a platform for people to connect with and inspire each other. Please keep posted on our upcoming events on our website or Peatix!